Have you experienced YŪGEN?

I heard a funny word today. YŪGEN (n). It means an awareness of the universe that triggers an emotional response too deep and mysterious for words.

Now immediately I thought.. hmm that’s a funny definition. I thought of describing this word to my friends in my hippy stoner voice just to get the full effect of the “deep and mysterious-ness”. I then chuckled a little bit to myself because I’m so funny (of course).

Then I thought, wait a second. I have had this awareness. I have felt this emotional response that was too deep and mysterious for any explanation I could come up with.

I feel it when I’m hiking through the trees and listening to my podcasts or music, when the wind is in my hair and i have went over ten minutes without stepping over my feet or twisting an ankle. I feel so in tune with nature. So in sync with my universe and creator. I feel this when I’m on my deck practicing yoga, looking upside down at all the beautiful trees that have been there for many many years.

I’m just a spec. One tiny little spec. But I am a big light. As are all of you. It’s so easy to get caught up on the world of Staci. To complain about my problems, worry about my weight, about my hair, about silly boys. But then I get this phenomenon of yūgen. Where I can’t help but to be in complete awe for this amazing earth and universe we are all a part of. Brothers and sisters, it’s all here if you were to just notice it!! Breathe it in!! And enjoy!!

I’m so thankful for each of you following along. I’d love to hear back from you!! Any advice or critiques or praise! Help me help you.

I’m here for you friends. Namaste.

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